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I took the advice of an author friend and joined!  This is how I found a local critique group and the conferences are worth it.  If you are writing/illustrating for children this is a must!

This publication changes each year and there is an online subscription for easy searches.  You can even ask for updates on specific search critieria.  Helpful tidbits throughout! 

This monthly publication is short, detailed and very helpful.  The first article each month is 'At Presstime:'  It gives you an update about what publishers are seeking and other writing opportunities.  This is a subscription based membership but well worth the investment in your writing career. 

Take a class...or two.  Professional, practical, encouraging, honest and successful.  Even if you choose only one of the many offerings from Emma Walton Hamilton; your time and resources will be well spent.   Editing, submissions, coaching Emma has a gift to make you a better writer!

...and that is A Little Bit Too Much for now!

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