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Lucky you! Three books to review!

Recently, I came across a unique opportunity to be part of a group to thank the producers of three picture books. Author Miranda Paul sent an email asking if anyone would like to join her in an effort to show gratitude to the other people involved in bringing a picture book to life. I said sure sign me up but never heard anything until last week when - pleasantly I was surprised by a package in the mail! Three picture books. One final, one almost final and one in the folded and gathered stage. Directions: read them, write a note to the 'book producers' and send them on to the next person. Oh and leave a review somewhere. You will find my reviews to be just that... I will describe the facets of the book I like, I will tell you if something stands out for a certain age group, I will tell you if I think you should own the book and why but I will not retell the story and I will not critique the story because that is not what I was asked to do.

Here we go! Coming soon - The Great Pasta Escape - another humorous picture book from Miranda Paul and illustrated by Javier Joaquin. You may or may not be hungry after you finish reading this book. If your pasta could talk? This story tells you what it would say and think. Like spaghetti and meatballs, you will find the text and illustrations perfectly paired in this delightful and entertaining pasta saga. The pasta personalities jump out in the dialogue and the illustrations enhance the story with even more hilarious undertones. Older picture book readers will appreciate the story within the story. Very funny and definitely a book to be read using a variety of voices. Loved it! Are We Pears Yet? Written by Miranda Paul, Pictures by Carin Berger One of the most delicious fruits takes to the stage in this fun filled and fact-based picture book! Okay – yes there are puns but they are clever and funny and educational – an excellent way to teach our children about the growth cycle of a seed. From curtains up through the encore Are We Pears Yet? is a must for your bookshelf! Blobfish Throws a Party – Unintended consequences via a communication error! Sounds terrible but turns into fun in Blobfish Throws a Party. The colorful illustrations will keep children entertained as they make their way through this blobfish blunder or is it good fortune? Enjoy the rhyming words, zany humor and a good old-fashioned game of telephone in a funny book by Miranda Paul. It’s on the bookshelves now so you can add it to yours too and you should.

Off to the post office to send this chain on...oh, it was a little difficult for me to actually write in the books but I did it. :).

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